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Welcome to Connaught and Laurel!



Throughout Year 4, the children will be learning about diversity, equality, collaboration and respect through a broad range of topics, including:

  • Anglo Saxons and the Vikings
  • Ancient Greeks and their influence on the world
  • Antarctica
  • Ancient Baghdad and the Islamic Empire


Key concepts such as Social Responsibility, Justice, Gender Equality, Democracy, Envionmental Care, Social Exclusion and Discrimination and Disability are built into everything we learn.


In Year 4 our children hone their critical thinking skills through topic work including the following literature;

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Picture 2
Picture 3
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Timestable Rockstars!


We are very excited to announce the rollout out of the Timestable Rockstars program across the school. 


Year 4 children across the nation will take a statuatory timestable test at the end of the acaedmic year. The multiplication tables check will assess Year 4 pupils to fluently recall a range of times tables. The test will be done on a computer or tablet and pupils will have 5 seconds to answer each question. 


Your child has their own TTR account which they can access both at school and at home, so please encourage them to practise as much as possible so that their fluency, accuracy and confidence increases!


Useful links:

Test Simulators:


Information about the test:






Spelling Tests


We will have a weekly spelling test every Friday morning. Children should learn their spellings each week ready for their test. Please encourage your children to learn their spellings and find ways to make it fun and engaging! Here are some strategies that we use in school:


Autumn Term Spelling Words

Learn more about our topics and books!

How should we remember the Vikings? (Topic - Autumn 1)

Lost Happy Endings (English - Autumn 1)

The Iliad (English - Autumn 2)

The Iliad is the oldest surviving work of Greek literature, written by Homer in the 8th century BC. It is an epic poem, with 24 chapters, based on the attack on Troy by the Mycenaeans. The poem includes early Greek myths and legends.

The Odyssey (English - Autumn 2)

The Odyssey is a major Ancient Greek epic poem. It was written by Homer in Mycenaean Greece, around the 8th century BC. The hero of the poem is Odysseus (or Ulysses, in Latin). It's about Odysseus's ten-year voyage home to Ithaca after the Trojan War.

The Greek influence on the world (Topic - Autumn 2)

From artistry to politics, ancient Greece left a considerable impression on world history. Learn why Greek and Roman gods share so many similarities, how the alphabet got its name, and how the legacy of ancient Greece has evolved over thousands of years.

In Autumn 2, the children will be blogging about their understanding of the epic Greek story of Homer's Iliad. Stay tuned to find out what they have learnt!

Passport Points

It was lovely to see so many children had gained the Year 3 badges and were wearing them on their jumpers coming up to Year 4. We are proud to say that even more children have gained their Year 4 Bronze badges and are now working towards Silver. Badges are earnt by following our School Aims and our Keys to Success.



PE is every Tuesday afternoon and children should bring their PE kit in a bag. Earrings and other jewellery should not be worn on that day.

In Y5 children will have the opportunity to go swimming.

Long Term Plan - Year 4

Autumn 1 Topic Plan - Anglo Saxons and the Vikings

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