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Our friendly faces work with Mr Watkins and Mrs Pemberton to support work around anti-bullying. Friendly faces were elected by their classes to represent pupils' views about making the school a more harmonious place; to feedback the work being done on anti-bullying to their class; and to act as 'friendly faces' around school, utilising training to help any child who is worried or upset.


Our children wear eye-catching hoodies so other pupils can spot them around school if they need help.





  • Avon 1 - Sumayah
  • Mere 1 - Aminah
  • Evington 2 – Elhaam
  • Chandos 2 -  Ouneyssa
  • Cork 3 – Lamiaamena
  • Lonsdale 3 - Somayea
  • Laurel 4 - Harun
  • Bartholomew 5 – Maria
  • Guilford 5 – Adeen
  • Biddulph 5 –  Sobia
  • Churchill 6 – Humera
  • Melbourne 6 - Trevai


Recent Activities


The committee met with Mr Watkins and the school council to discuss the work the council has already done in improving break and lunch times.



The friendly faces undertook induction training with Mrs Pemberton on how to make a positive difference around school.


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