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Our friendly faces work with Miss Worrall and Mrs Pemberton to support work around anti-bullying. Friendly faces were elected by their classes to represent pupils' views about making the school a more harmonious place; to feedback the work being done on anti-bullying to their class; and to act as 'friendly faces' around school, utilising training to help any child who is worried or upset.


Our children wear eye-catching hoodies so other pupils can spot them around school if they need help.





  • Cork 3 - Kulthum
  • Lonsdale 3 - Yahya
  • Connaught 4 - Jaiyana 
  • Laurel 4 - Zain
  • Biddulph 5 - Somayea
  • Bartholomew 5 - Ismah
  • Churchill 6 - Mayesha
  • Guilford 6 - Cassio 


Recent Activities


Our Friendly Faces met each other in a meeting and began discussing why they're appropriate candidates for this year and how they can help support the rest of our Medway Family at breaktimes and lunch times. 


06.03.24 - Safety at Medway


Today, we updated Miss Worrall on the behaviour and happiness that we have seen over the last few months on the playground. We reported our concerns and how we have been helping to deal with any issues.

Later, we also discussed what it means to be 'safe' and how schools try to keep us safe when we are here. We reported our ideas for how the school can make sure that all pupils feel happy and safe when they are here, regardless of any behaviour incidents that may take place.


13.11.23 - Antibullying Week

Today, we met up alongside the School Council to discuss Antibullying week! We explored various ways that we can raise awareness for anti-bullying week and different activities we can do with our teachers in the classroom. As a group, we discussed how we can overcome bullying and who we can approach at breaktimes and lunchtimes to report any concerns.

In our meeting, we also received our personalised hoodies that we will wear at break times and lunch times. By wearing these hoodies, we hope that other children will feel comfortable to approach us with any questions or concerns that they have about the school or bullying


25.10.23 - Friendly Face Training

Today, all of our new Friendly Face team had training with Mrs Pemberton. She introduced the steps our new team must take when trying to help children overcome any issues on the playground. Our children are now ready to fully fulfil their role and make sure that the Medway playground is a happy place to be!


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