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At Medway Community Primary we have a Philosophy. A philosophy that enhances, encourages and inspires our children to become caring and compassionate citizens. We believe ‘Together We Achieve More’. Our aims are based on this and this is what makes us successful.


Medway's Aims 
Together we succeed.
Everyone is of equal worth.
Achieves to full potential.
More diversity. More acceptance; a greater good.
Medway Aims Badges


To show that children are following the aims and values, every child is rewarded with a badge. The badges are achieved in 3 stages:








To be awarded a badge there are a number of tasks to be completed which are included in the child’s “Cultural Passport.”


Once a teacher has seen proof of a task’s completion they will insert the date into the passport. The tasks will form a continuum of progression along the same themes as they progress through the badges.


The Cultural Passports also include the school’s values and will be ticked by the teacher if the child demonstrates any of our Keys to Success through their behaviour, collaboration, oracy and attitudes to learning.

 The badges are achieved in year groups, starting in year 1 and continuing through to year 6.


Once a badge is achieved, it can be ironed onto the child’s school jumper.


In addition to the Bronze, Silver and Gold badges will be our Special Award badges for which children, who have demonstrated particular attributes, will be nominated by their teacher each term.


These are:

Heart – Courage and Compassion


Apple – Health & Wellbeing 


Globe – Citizenship and Community


Paintbrush – A Stroke of Genius


Any child who is awarded one of these badges will also receive a special certificate from the Headteacher.


Once a badge is achieved, it will be sewn onto the child’s school jumper by the child and a supporting adult.


Our cultural passport. These passports enable our children to achieve points which are then translated into receiving a gold, silver or bronze award badge. Please see Aims badges section for further information.

Weekly Medway Values Certificates


Each week, two children are chosen by their class teacher and their peers to receive a Medway Values Certificate in an assembly. In order to achieve this, the children have to demonstrate an ongoing task or act that reflects any of these values: Trust, Respect, Belonging or Knowledge.

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