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Medway Keys to Success.
At Medway Community Primary we have a Philosophy. A philosophy that enhances, encourages and inspires our children to become caring and compassionate citizens. We believe ‘Together We Achieve More’. Our keys to success are based on this and these keys are what make us successful.


Keys to Success
‘Together everyone achieves more’

Together we succeed.
Everyone is of equal worth.
Achieves to full potential.
More diversity. More acceptance. A greater good.
Keys to Success Badges:
To achieve the keys to success, every child is rewarded with a ‘keys to success badge’. The badges are achieved in 3 stages, bronze, silver and gold. To be awarded a bronze badge each child must receive a total of a 100 points, 200 points for silver and 300 points for gold.
Every child in the school has a passport of statements. The passport is separated in to 4 sections:


  • Together we succeed ( Collaboration and Citizenship)
  • Everyone is of equal worth (Learning and Perseverance)
  • Achieve to full potential (Achievement, Health and Wellbeing)
  • More diversity, More acceptance, a greater good.(Arts & Culture)

There are 5, ‘I can statements’, for each section; to achieve a badge, a total of 25 points for each Keys to Success must be met giving a total of 100 for the bronze. To achieve a silver and gold the same points principal is applied. The badges are achieved in year groups, starting in year 1 and continuing through to year 6.


Once a badge is achieved, it will be sewn onto the child’s school jumper by the child and a supporting adult.

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