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Computing at Medway offers a curriculum, where the units taught, have been carefully sequenced, providing children with the chance to revisit, repeat and build on key concepts and ideas.


At Medway, our vision is to broaden the creativity offered to the children, providing them with the best start; developing a fascination towards technology and seeing it grow with them throughout their primary school education. We aspire to give children the opportunity to explore, create, develop and critique technology, enabling them to be at the epicentre of a digital society which oversees technology on a daily basis.


Our computing curriculum ensures full coverage of the three key, national curriculum strands:


  • Computer Science - Children are taught the principles of information and computational thinking
  • Information Technology - Children are taught how to create programs, systems and multimedia content 
  • Digital Literacy - Children are taught to express themselves through information technology where they become confident users of the digital world.


The key areas taught include:

  • Online Safety
  • Algorithmic Thinking
  • Programming & Development
  • Data & Data Representation
  • Hardware & Processing
  • Communications & Networks
  • Information Technology
  • Multimedia


Collaborative work within the Computing curriculum develops respect for the differing opinions, beliefs and abilities of others. In addition, children develop a respect for the resources used and understand the importance of looking after them. They learn to appreciate the value of similarities and differences and learn to show tolerance.

A variety of experiences teaches them to appreciate that all people and their views are equally important. Children are encouraged to work in a democratic way, exercising the ‘give and take’ required for successful teamwork, this is particularly true of topics which require children to work in groups to research or to design and create a product.

The Computing curriculum also ensures that children are fully aware of the importance of staying safe online, and the impact of their digital image in the virtual world.

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Autumn 1 - Computing Portfolio

Autumn 2 - Computing Portfolio

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