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Welcome to the page for our Classics @ Medway programme!


Beginning in September 2019, all of our Key Stage 2 pupils will receive education in Classics. For Years 3 and 4, this will comprise a Latin and Classical Greek Root Words programme of study. Year 5 pupils will undertake the study of Latin as their foreign language and Year 4 will study Classical Greek as their foreign language.


Intent, Implementation and Impact

Years 3 and 4 Root Words programme


Latin and Classical Greek form the basis for the vast majority of the English language. In an effort to support our pupils' English language acquisition, those in years 3 and 4 will have a short daily lesson about a Latin or Classical Greek root word. The lessons focus on one root word per week and there are five activities each week to support the children's knowledge and retention of that week's root word. Expected benefits of this programme include improved reading comprehension, particularly when encountering new or unknown words; use of a richer and more diverse vocabulary both in speaking and in writing; as well as better spelling.


Year 5 Latin as a Foreign Language


Following a successful test class in 2018-2019, the decision was taken to provide Latin across Year 5 from this year. Using the Minimus programme, students learn Latin in a captivating and entertaining way that highlights its underpinning of English as well as supporting and building their English vocabulary and grammar skills.



Year 4 Classical Greek as a Foreign Language


Using Classics for All's new Basil Batrakhos programme, and following on from their reading of Homer's Iliad, Year 4 will reach further back in time to learn Classical Greek in an age-appropriate and engaging manner. They will follow Basil the frog as he endeavours to translate a letter from a long lost relative, acquiring knowledge of Classical Greek and valuable insight into modern English vocabulary. 


For queries about Classics @ Medway, please contact Mrs. Bristow via email at

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