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Welcome to Avon and Mere class!


Throughout Year 1, children learn about diversity and respect through our theme 'RELATIONSHIPS.'

Key concepts such as RESPECT, BELONGING, LOYALTY and TRUST are built into everything we learn (see 'Concept planning' link below)


In Year 1, our children hone their critical thinking skills through topic works including the following inspiring literature.

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Passport Points

You will see children in Key Stage 1 and 2 wearing badges on their jumpers.  We are proud to say that lots of children have gained their Year 1 Bronze badges and are now working towards Silver. Badges are earnt by following our School Aims and our Keys to Success.


PE is every Thursday morning for Avon and Mere class. Children should bring their PE kit in a bag with their name clearly labelled. Earrings and other jewellery should not be worn on that day. 


In Key Stage Two, children will have the opportunity to go swimming.

Concept planning around values

How parents can help at home

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Last day today! The staff at Medway wish all our year 6s well. Enjoy your summer break everyone and we will see you back on Thursday 29 August 2019.