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Welcome to Avon 1 and Mere 1


The children’s journey in to Key Stage One begins in Year 1.  We do lots of hands on learning through our inspiring and engaging curriculum.


Our children develop their problem solving skills in Mathematics and broaden their understanding of the world through topic work, educational visits and by exploring key texts. This enables children to expand their vocabulary and develop their oracy and communication skills.


Throughout the year, children learn about diversity and respect through our key concepts of: BELONGING, RESPECT, CARE, TRUST and LOVE, which are built in to all areas of learning.

Year 1 Key Texts

Year 1 Key Texts 1
Year 1 Key Texts 2
Year 1 Key Texts 3
Year 1 Key Texts 4
Year 1 Key Texts 5
Year 1 Key Texts 6
Year 1 Key Texts 7
Year 1 Key Texts 8
Year 1 Key Texts 9
Year 1 Key Texts 10
Year 1 Key Texts 11
Year 1 Key Texts 12


PE is every Wednesday afternoon for Avon 1 and Mere 1.

On Monday, children should bring their PE kit (in a bag with their name clearly labelled), which should include:

- white t-shirt

- black jogging bottoms/leggings

- trainers

Earrings and other jewellery should not be worn. 


In Key Stage Two, children will have the opportunity to go swimming.

Educational places of interest in our locality


  • New Walk Museum
  • Abbey Pumping Station:
  • Abbey Park petting corner
  • Botanic Gardens
  • Highfields Library
  • Highfields Community Centre
  • The National Space Centre
  • Curve Theatre
  • King Richard III Visitor Centre
  • Kenilworth Castle
  • Gorse Hill Farm



Concept Planning around our Values

Year 1 at Abbey Park

Year 1 at Abbey Park  1
Year 1 at Abbey Park  2
Year 1 at Abbey Park  3
Year 1 at Abbey Park  4
Year 1 at Abbey Park  5
Year 1 at Abbey Park  6
Year 1 at Abbey Park  7
Year 1 at Abbey Park  8
Year 1 at Abbey Park  9
Year 1 at Abbey Park  10
Year 1 at Abbey Park  11
Year 1 at Abbey Park  12
Year 1 at Abbey Park  13
Year 1 at Abbey Park  14

NSPCC Assembly

NSPCC Assembly  1
NSPCC Assembly  2
NSPCC Assembly  3
NSPCC Assembly  4
Websites to support learning
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Moonshine, Sunshine and Year 6 children are having their height & weight checked by the School Nurse on 23rd January 2020. Letters have already been sent out