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Welcome to the Cork, Lonsdale and Skipworth classes!


Throughout Year 3, the children will learn about diversity and respect through our theme 'The Environment'.


Key concepts such as pollution, littering, habitat destruction, global community and impact are built into everything we learn.

Our curriculum is adapted every year to ensure a fresh, exciting and inspirational learning experience for our classes. Those with family members who have been in Year 3 previously will notice some familiar topics, such as the Romans, but each lesson is carefully considered with regard to learning outcomes, cultural education, our values curriculum, the children's interest and, of course, enjoyment, before it is included in a scheme of work. This means that no Year 3 cohort will have the same experience as the one before it! We hope the children enjoy every lesson and look forward to each new topic.


Below you will see some of the literature that we will be basing our English and topic lessons around this year:



P.E. is every Thursday and arrangements depend on your child's class.


Skipworth have P.E. in the morning, so they should come to school already wearing their P.E. kit. They should bring their school uniform in a bag with their name clearly labelled on it and on each item of clothing. As the weather gets colder, children may prefer to wear their school trousers over their shorts on their way to school.


Cork and Lonsdale have P.E. in the afternoon, so children should bring their PE kit in a bag with their name clearly labelled on each item of clothing.


Earrings and other jewellery should not be worn on Thursday.




Skipworth 3's spellings, to be tested on 10th January 2019, are:


1. measure

2. pleasure

3. treasure

4. enclosure

5. creature

6. picture

7. furniture 

8. nature

9. busy

10. business

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Moonshine, Sunshine and Year 6 children are having their height & weight checked by the School Nurse on 23rd January 2020. Letters have already been sent out