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The School Council at Medway.


Medway’s School Council meets during each term to discuss issues that affect the pupils and the life of the school. Also, they represent other children from their class and the school.


This year the School Council has been involved in making decisions about creating a community art gallery to be displayed along the playground walls. The school Council will also be choosing three new charities that can be supported through the fundraising days that are held across the year.


The School Council provides the pupils with a voice and with the opportunity to take responsibility and to contribute to the development of the school and the wider community. One such example is members of the council have been considering options of possible attendance rewards through conducting research in Key Stage 1. 


The members this year are representatives from each of the Key Stage 2 classes. The students will be appointing new School Council members in September.


The school council:


“Being part of the school council is extremely important to me as we make large decisions for the school from children’s perspectives, meaning children have their views heard. We also help in innovating the school. The school council is not just for the members, the school council is a voice for us all.”


“I feel it is a way to express other people’s feelings, because it allows me to pass on their ideas. Being a part of the School Council is very important to me because I have to make important decisions to ensure our school is the best!”




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