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School Performance and OFSTED

On 13th June 2017, OFSTED clarified that the school continues to be GOOD and that the Leadership team have maintained the good quality of education. The full report is below and well worth a read!


End of Foundation Stage Results


67% (National-TBC) of children attained a Good Level of Development by the end of Foundation Stage.  We continue to strive to close the gap on National Averages.


End of Key Stage 1 Assessment Results

Medway Community Primary School is in the top three schools in the city for
 making the most improvement in writing, Key Stage 1 - up by 17.8% on 2017 results


Percentage of children at or above expected standard in Reading, Writing and Maths 2019

Reading 53%  National TBC

Writing 53%  National TBC

Maths 55%  National TBC


Percentage of pupils at greater depth in Reading, Writing and Maths 2019

Reading 20% National TBC%

Writing 24%

Maths 26% National TBC %



End of Key Stage 2 Assessment Results


Progress Score Reading, Writing and Maths

(to be updated)

Reading 3.72 which is well above average

(Leicester 0.02 and National 0.03)

Writing 0.81 which is average

(Leicester 0.09 and National 0.03)

Maths 2.83 which is well above average

( Leicester 0.84 and National 0.03)


Scaled score Reading and Maths (expected score 100) To be Updated

Reading 104 (National 105)

Maths 103 (National 104)

GPS 104 (National 106)


Percentage of children at expected standard or above in Reading, Writing, Maths and Grammar, spelling and Punctuation (Unvalidated) 

Reading 78%  National 73%

Writing 78%  National 78%

Maths 78%  National 79%

Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation 80% (78%)


Percentage of children at higher levels in Reading, Writing and Maths (To be updated)

Reading 15% National 28%

Writing 14% National 20%

Maths 25% National 24%

Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation 45% National 34%


RWM 67% (National Average 65%)




To view a more detailed explanation of our Key Stage 2 SATs results, please visit the DfE school performance tables website.

DfE parents leaflet on Primary Schools Progress Measures

Leicester Mercury - see how well our Year 6 did.

Leicester Mercury - see how well our Year 6 did. 1

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