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Blog 11.10.21

We had our second meeting of the term today and we were all excited to share our ideas and feedback from the peers in our class of how to support children with special educational needs or who find learning difficult.


We discussed safeguarding which was an interesting conversation as we were able to discuss the type of books our teachers read to us during social story time to find out what difficulties some children may experience at home.


Today, we also discussed with Mr Pemberton and the rest of the school councillors about the feedback shared by our classmates from the first school council meeting. We are all excited to have a student voice to represent Medway to be the best it can be!


Our classmates were really interested in producing an inclusion policy to be included in all of the classrooms, which we talked about some of their ideas of what we would like to include such as helping children to form ideas, using equipment, partner work and support with writing. There were a lot of amazing ideas shared from all of the classes, which will help us with planning our policy over the next few weeks. We love being children of Medway and having a voice to share our ideas and improve the school to be the best it can be! J


Mr Pemberton has given us all some time to prepare our inclusion policy over the next few weeks which we will be thrilled to share this with all of the classes. We are all a Medway family, who support and care for each other’s learning and future.


We hope you enjoyed our school council blog. Speak with you soon! J



Blog 22.9.21

We had our first meeting of the year today and we were all so excited about the future of the school council.


Today, we discussed with Mr Pemberton (a great teacher!) the roles and responsibilities of what it meant to be a school council representative. Again we are all so excited about the prospect of being involved in the changes that will take place at our school. We love Medway!


We spoke about the purpose of education and how we learn in the classroom and we talked about how our curriculum keeps us all engaged. We are so good at oracy and collaboration that we have helped other schools and more recently we have introduced cultural capital. We love the cultural passports as it encourages us to do things with our parents. 


We then discussed the reasons why we study great literature such as Great Expectations and the Iliad. This is important to us because we really love learning about topics some schools perceive as too hard for primary school children. Our teachers plan and teach this so we understand it and we have learned so much. We even go on trips linked to our books to places like the British Museum in London. We know we are lucky to be at Medway! 


We had a really interesting conversation about safeguarding and why we have to keep ourselves safe. We have done a lot of work on this in computing (e-safety) and in classrooms. Our teachers read us stories that relate to safeguarding issues. We know this is important as it has opened our eyes to all the different things children might have to go through at home.


We talked about SEN and how our peers can support children in the classroom to ensure we are being inclusive to all. We then suggested ideas of how to monitor this such as creating a policy that children can use to find out strategies to help children who may experience difficulty in learning.  


We are looking forward to creating an inclusion policy to support others in the classroom. Hopefully, we will come back to the next meeting with lots of ideas from our peers about this.


Hope you have enjoyed reading our blog. Speak with you soon. heartsmileysmiley










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