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Learning from Home


Our school is now closed to all children except those of key workers and certain other vulnerable groups. During this period of school closure, children should access online learning using our virtual learning environments. These are Purple Mash (EYFS, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3) and DB Primary (Key Stage 2). If your child does not have their login information for these, please call the school office, or use the enquiry form on the bottom of the 'contact details' page. You can also email


There are also a wide variety of useful websites that children can use to access home learning.  On this page you will find links to our VLEs and to useful websites recommended by our teachers. These are organised by year group.


We advise parents to supervise their children at all times when they are accessing online learning and to utilise parental controls to ensure that children remain safe online at all times. 

Purple Mash


Purple Mash is a VLE used by our EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Year 3 pupils. All pupils in these year groups should have logins and be familiar with how these work. Teachers will be setting weekly work on this platform that children can complete online by logging on to Purple Mash and clicking '2DOs'.


Please click the link below to visit Purple Mash as work has been set by your Y1, Y2 and Y3 teachers. 


Click here to log on to Purple Mash.

Accessing Purple Mash

Accessing DB Primary


Work for Years 4-6 will be set on DB Primary. There will also be supplementary activities for our Year 3 students on the DB Primary site. Please click here to access the school login page.


For more information about DB Primary, including e-safety tips and a picture guide showing how to log-in, please visit our DB Primary page. This can be found by selecting 'DB Primary' from the 'Children' drop-down menu on our site, or by clicking here.

Useful Websites by Year Group:


Parents of all year groups:


Free children's audio books are available from Audible using a free 30-day trial. Remember to cancel this service before the thirty days are over or you will be charged.


Parents can access free ebooks by registering on the following site:


EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2


Purple Mash, as above, is the main website for these year groups to access. Parents may also wish to access the websites for all year groups listed above.

Children may also enjoy the maths videos on the following page: 

More maths can be found here:


There are also online phonics lessons streamed daily on the Ruth Miskin Youtube channel. Click here to find out more.


Free ReadWriteInc phonics books and resources are also available here:




  • EYFS - FREE Learning resource pack

  • online letter and number formation (no printer needed) 

  • online colouring pages (no printer needed) 

  • Keep your kids active and healthy with children's yoga

  • A handy parents guide to support your child's phonics

  • Fun activities to try with your child at home

  • a wonderful resource created by EYFS practitioners


Year 1 - FREE Learning Resource Pack


Year 2

Our Summer Term topic is about the circus.  Below are links to two useful resources for parents, to help them support their children's learning.  You might want to use them to inspire your children to:

  • Write stories, poems, posters or information leaflets (English)
  • Calculate the cost of tickets, audience numbers, time taken to practice for a performance (Maths)
  • Draw, paint or make models e.g. of a big top or clown (Art and Design)
  • Make maps of routes or timetables for travelling (Geography)
  • Find out more information online (IT)
  • Perform tricks and movements e.g. juggling handkerchiefs (PE)
  • Consider what it takes to be fit and strong; how to have a healthy diet, exercise and sleep well (Science and PE)
  • Find out how circuses started and how they have developed over time (History)



Year 2 - FREE learning pack


EYFS and Key Stage 1 Handwriting Resource Pack


Year 3


Purple Mash, as above, is the main website for these year groups to access.

Children may also enjoy the videos on the following website:



Year 3 - FREE Learning Resource Packs


Please note that for the TPet resource packs you will need to sign up for a month's free trial to download them.


Year 4


Year 4 will be able to access DB Primary shortly.



Year 4 - FREE Learning Resource Pack


Year 5


The following websites may be useful for Year 5 children:


All the grammar children require is in the big 'revision guide' document on the Y5 page of this website. There is also a list for children to fill in with books they have read and spellings for the rest of the year.


Their reading book can be found here


Year 5 - FREE Learning Resource Pack


Year 6


Year 6 - FREE Learning Resource Pack


Both of these websites have in-depth biographies of the poet we are studying, as well as a

collection of his most famous poems. Have your child finding out the meaning behind each poem,

and then learn to recite them off by heart using prosody to demonstrate their understanding.

As we approach the SATs, regular short, sharp grammar revision can help tighten those key skills.

The following websites cover everything they need to know. Pick a topic a night and boost those

key skills.

This is a great simple guide to all the English grammar rules

























This term we are focussing on music, and how famous composers have utilised music to create

idyllic and tempestuous settings, linking to our topic of 'Islands'.

The BBC website, 10 pieces, gives the background to some of these pieces and gives the pupils

an opportunity to listen to them being performed.




Building on work across the school looking at different religious teachings, in Year 6, we look at

non-religious viewpoints, and compare and contrast this to previous work, and our own values.

The Humanist website gives details on this:

And BBC bitesize looks at other non-religious viewpoints.




In geography, as a part of our unit of work on Islands, we have been looking at island formation,

based on plate tectonics. Our particular focus has been on volcanic islands, and looking at the

formation of volcanos. The following websites are great for your child to research this topic further.



Learning about online safety at home

In Computing, E-Safety is an area we work on all the time to ensure the children have the best knowledge

of how to keep themselves and their family safe, whilst accessing the internet. The link below shares a few

resources aimed at different age groups, which your children can do with you.


Other Useful Links


The following websites gives little mini arithmetic papers, just like the ones pupils will face on the


Again BBC bitesize is always a good starting point for revision.

We also see that it is essential that pupils see the utility in maths. This website provides some

great practical activities that you and your child can complete together, which will support your child

to develop a concrete understand of the maths concepts applied.

Finally, NRICH provides some great maths challenges, to encourage your child to think critically and

logically when approaching mathematical problems.



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SCHOOL CLOSURE: Please look in the ABOUT US tab for all supportive information during the COVID closure. The DB primary and Purple Mash links can be found in the Learning at home tab. Please note that from 11am to 1pm from Tuesday this week, staff will be on hand to take phone calls regarding online learning and or general queries. Stay safe over the Easter break.