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The Carroll Room

We are so excited that our Carroll Room is up and running this year! 


With high numbers of pupils with Autism at Medway, it has been part of the head teachers vision to create a high quality provision to support their learning needs as they continue their journey through mainstream school or wait for places to become available at specialist provisions. 




Our vision in progress!

The finished article!

Carroll Room Staff

Why the Carroll Room?


Lewis Carroll, the author of the children's classic Alice in Wonderland was known as having difficulties with social interaction and communication. He boasted strengths in mathematical ability and inventions; common characteristics of those on the spectrum but undiagnosed in a different time and place. 


There are several nods to him in our Carrol room. 





Children identified for the Carroll room will receive either a morning or afternoon session here across the week. They may not have a diagnosis of Autism but similar communication and interaction difficulties.

The provision is predominantly aimed at helping children who have struggled to manage within the sensory and emotional demands of a mainstream setting.

Despite needing a low distraction, high sensory and visual environment we believe for inclusion, all children should also experience some time in a full class with their peers and support. 


Many aspects of the children's Education, Health and Care plan will be undertaken here to ensure we are fulfilling our legal responsibility in a high quality environment. 


Interventions we use

  • Dough Gym
  • Play Interaction
  • Fun Time
  • Lets Talk
  • Zones of regulation
  • Colourful Semantics
  • PECS
  • Sensory Circuits


We also use high quality visuals, ICT and play based learning to support our learners. We have access to outdoor spaces and the children have opportunities for smaller ratio play times and lunchtimes to focus on social aspects and to minimise anxiety. 


The Carroll Room was designed in 2020 and nestled within our mainstream school in specifically designed room that has been purpose built for pupils with communication and interaction needs. It has its own allocated entrance/exit and all entrances and exits are linked to our secure fob system, and the accommodation is spaciously light and generous and has access to a small sensory area and break-out space. 


The Carroll Room has contact with outside agencies such as Educational Psychologists, Speech Therapists, ASD teachers and other professionals to meet the needs of the children accessing the provision. 


Children will be assessed against the Autism Education Trust Progression Framework, and also National Curriculum Outcomes (if they are at that level). We use the same systems that are used within the  school to ensure consistency and aid a smooth transition to mainstream lessons.




What is Autism?

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