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We are very proud of our Family Liaison and Community working and the positive relationships across the school. The school community brings its own challenges and this is reflected in a strong safety net and focus on individual needs by leadership and staff. This can be support with filling out a form in English, to dealing with more serious issues such as a child's ill health or family member with emotional issues. Sometimes it is just that we listen.


A group of our Mums meet weekly on a Friday morning to engage in craft activities that benefit the school and provide a strong social network for each other. Our door is always open and it is always lovely to see new faces! Please note that due to COVID this is currently suspended. 


If our children are happy at home then they work hard and do well. We will always try to make the lives of our lovely children and their families better.




Family Liaison contact form

Please complete this contact form if there is any support you require that we can help with. Mrs Alam is in school every day apart from Wednesday and will respond to your query as quickly as possible and in confidence.

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Medway School's flu vaccination day for your child is on Weds 27th October. Don't forget to register your child now if you wish for them to be vaccinated!