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School to School support

We are currently enjoying working with Highfields Primary School, Uplands Infant School and Shenton Primary School as a ‘quad’ for raising achievement. We have met at each school and discussed at length with Leadership Teams, self evaluation and school improvement before enjoying tours of each school and gleaning expertise and good practice. 




Co Coaching Model


This term our 2 Deputy Heads are working for 1 morning a week creating a culture of coaching to deepen learning at Catherine Junior School as part their School Improvement Plan,

They work with 2 teachers each session to observe either a Literacy or a Maths lesson with themselves as the coach and the other teacher. Following the observation a quality dialogue takes place as a triad where the coach motivates participants to improve, reflect and develop their practice, rather than seeing a hierarchical structure seeking to impose improvement on them. Colleagues in turn facilitate the development of one another and use the acquired skills in the classroom once the session has finished.




Continuous Provision in Early Years Foundation Stage


We are working with six schools within our Development Group to look at 'Continuous Provision Planning' in conjunction with Mr ABC and seeing it in practice within our Foundation Stage.







Community and Family Welfare Team


In February leaders from Uplands Infant School came to meet with our Community, Family and Welfare team to discuss organisation and drive around setting up a pivotal and reactive team.



A visit was undertaken by a TeachFirst student to observe Oracy within the Curriculum for all learners including EAL in Year 6. 


We've had 7 2 1 4 6 visitors
Last day today! The staff at Medway wish all our year 6s well. Enjoy your summer break everyone and we will see you back on Thursday 29 August 2019.