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International Slavery Museum Visit

As a part of their topic on Britain’s influence in Africa, Year 5 visited the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool. They explored the exhibits ranging from ‘Transatlantic Slave Trade’ to the ‘Freedom Wall’, and attended an interactive learning session about ‘Everyday Life in West Africa’. The children were able to develop their understanding of our values curriculum in the context of slavery, considering discrimination and racism, in particular noting the legacy of key individuals. As it was most children’s first visit to the city, we were all very excited to see some famous sights on our way to the museum including a ferry crossing the Mersey and the Liver birds perched on the Liver Building domes. Since our visit the museum has emailed to say our children were a credit to the school. 

We've had 7 2 1 3 4 visitors
Last day today! The staff at Medway wish all our year 6s well. Enjoy your summer break everyone and we will see you back on Thursday 29 August 2019.