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Learning Music at home with parents and carers


The Music curriculum at Medway has been designed to enrich the cultural capital of our children and we would love to see our children's love of music being nurtured both within school and within their home learning environment. To help children in learning about Music at home, you may wish to use the websites listed below.

A collection of interactive activities exploring a range of musical concepts, including composition and the history of Music.

A collection of screen based 'experiments' to explore Music and its links to other subjects such as Science, Maths and Art. 


Additional resources for KS1


Additional resources for KS2



Year 1

Year 1 have composed music with a partner.  The music is based on a woodland walk and each instrument expresses a sound event, such as, a hedgehog snuffling in the undergrowth or twigs cracking underfoot.  We had a lot of fun exploring the sounds and instruments before deciding what to include.

Year 5


Year 5 have been learning to play the piano and recording compositions about the natural world using Garage Band this term.


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