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"Mathematical understanding is critical to our children's future"- Ofsted.


At Medway, we follow the National Curriculum in all subjects, covering each area multiple times, as part of our curriculum.


We have a huge push on Number work across the school in Autumn term to help children to develop their knowledge and understanding and build a firm foundations for mathematics. In addition, this impacts children's confidence in number and develops an understanding of patterns and relationships so that they can extend learning to other aspects of mathematics in their class lessons. 


Our focus on Problem Solving enables children to experience real mathematics within their classroom because the whole point of learning maths is to be able to solve problems. Learning rules and facts is of course important, but they are the tools with which we learn to do maths fluently, they aren’t maths itself. Application and purpose is an integral part of mathematics teaching at Medway.


We link our learning to our topics, which can be found for each year group on our curriculum page.


Please find a copy of the mathematics National Curriculum for 2014 below.

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Please join Mr Williams, the staff and the governors in wishing all our amazing year 6 pupils a huge, heartfelt farewell. We will miss you and wish you every success at your new school. Everyone else, see you back on 25 August 2021; we wish you a restful summer break. Any questions over the break, then as usual, email the school.