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Medway was proud to receive a congratulatory letter from the Department for Education for being in the top 3% for progress Nationally.


By identifying and building on good practice, resilience is increased through embedding a range of strategies, tools and techniques that develop self-awareness, thinking and relationship skills. These are applied through a range of dynamic individual, relational and environmental interventions. These strategies and components interplay and evolve together and become part of the fabric of the school, growing and strengthening over time, forming a sustainable approach that improves outcomes for individuals and the whole school.


School Resilience Report


Culture and Ethos - Strengths

  • This school serves a community of high diversity and a range of disadvantages that we know relate to emotional wellbeing and increases the need to address these types of barriers to wellbeing. The school is innovative and is clearly aware of the need for a whole school approach with strong strategic leadership. SLT are able to articulate and analyse the needs within their school community and invest in this aspect of wellbeing for students and staff.
  • The school community brings its own challenges and this is reflected in a strong safety net and focus on individual needs by the leadership and staff.
  • Systems designed to identify and support pupils with emotional issues with early intervention strategies.
  • Strategic leadership to embed culture and ethos within the community and the fabric of the school appears strong and coherent.
  • Priority given to enhancing teaching and learning by investment in means of reducing barriers faced by some children.
  • The school approach is systematic, evaluated and there is evidence of Whole School models in target areas.
  • Efforts to create effective and consistent approaches to emotional wellbeing while reflecting cultural variances.
  • Strong feelings of pupil connection with the school and positive relationships across the school community.


Relationships - Strengths

  • A variety of roles are used and one key priority is creating shared messages and language alongside investment in parents and innovative routes to engage families.
  • Recognition of the broader context of the school and working to engage parents and their needs.
  • Positive relationships across the school community.
  • Children feel very safe amongst their friends and like the adults at their school.
  • Pupils feel that there are people at school who will help them if they need it and feel able to ask for help.
  • Children demonstrate awareness of relational factors that contribute to emotional health and resilience.


Individuals - Strengths

  • A range of investments in staff roles, activities and support mechanisms that offer pupils who are vulnerable or at risk targeted help.
  • Staff training and access to support is resourced and given priority.
  • Feelings of pupil connectedness with the school are strong. Children enjoy things at school, feel happy with their school overall and care about their school. 
  • Children demonstrate awareness of a range of people they can talk to at school if they need help.
  • Pupils have some insight into emotional self-regulation, can list a range of positive coping strategies and understand that there are things they can do to make themselves feel happy.
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