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Keys to Success
Together we succeed.
Everyone is of equal worth.
Achieve to full potential.
More diversity. More acceptance. A greater good.
Keys to Success Badges:

You can achieve 3 different badges:
· Bronze
· Silver
· Gold
The passport is separated into 4 sections, one for each key to success.

There are five ‘I can statements’ for each section, each worth 5 points.  To achieve a badge, you must receive a total of 25 points for each key to success thus giving you a total of 100 points for the bronze. You do the same again for the silver (total 200 points), then again for the gold (total 300 points).


Once a badge is achieved, you will sew it onto your school jumper with the help of an adult.

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Due to the extended lock-down measures in Leicester, the school will be closed from 12.30pm on Wednesday 1st July for all year groups. It will only remain open for its most vulnerable children. Please read your email or look in the noticeboard section for full details. Please stay safe and we look forward to welcoming you back on 1 September 2020.