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The Eco-Council

Medway’s eco-council forms a branch of the Student Council and will follow the Eco Schools programme to raise environmental awareness, improve the school environment and engage the wider local community. The aims of the eco council are to empower the whole school community to be more eco conscious, develop strategies for Medway pupils to reduce their environmental impact and to engage with the local community.


Their role includes:

  • Continually collaborating and communicating with staff, pupils and the community to create new green initiatives
  • Discussing how we can reduce waste in/around our school?
  • Planning/monitoring how we can reduce energy consumption around the school.
  • Checking to see if unnecessary lights are switched off to reduce energy waste
  • Ensuring that recycling bins are set up and emptied on a regular basis.
  • Making sure that only recyclable material is put into 'green' bins.
  • Making sure that classrooms and corridors are litter free.


Well done to our new Eco Council members 2019-2020!


Year 6 
Suzana (Sutherland 6)
Tabiha (Churchill 6)
Isa (Wilne 6)
Year 5 
Sara and M. Rayyan (Guilford 5)
Siryne (Bartholamew 5)
Suheyba (Hamilton 5)
Simon (Melbourne 5)

Year 4
Safiya (Connaught 4)
Fatiha (Laurel 4)
Year 3 
Meerab (Skipworth 3)
Tazkia (Lonsdale 3)
Deep (Cork 3)
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Please join Mr Williams, the staff and the governors in wishing all our amazing year 6 pupils a huge, heartfelt farewell. We will miss you and wish you every success at your new school. Everyone else, see you back on 25 August 2021; we wish you a restful summer break. Any questions over the break, then as usual, email the school.