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Writing our own Romantic Poems (inspired by Blake, Byron, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Keats and Shelley!)

Romanticism in Art - Lesson 2

Romanticism in Art


This week the children have been working in the style of the English Romanticist landscape painter J.M.W. Turner, creating an interpretation of his nature-inspired artwork. Using the subject of a forest in a full moon on a wetted background, paint is dabbed and loosely applied. This allows it to mix freely and blend naturally on the wet background to create a blurry and sometimes impressionistic effect. Well done, Connaught - we can't wait to see the finished result!

The children compose their own soundscape to accompany their work on Frankenstein!

Trip to Swithland Wood


Children take a trip to Swithland Wood to recreate Frankenstein's emotional and physical journey. They came back with lots of new vocabulary to use in their descriptive writing next week! We also walked a total of 2.5km! 

A visit from the Humanist Society


We were very lucky to have a visit from Allan Hayes a few weeks ago! Allan is Director and Immediate Past President of Leicester Secular Society, Trustee of the British Humanist Association, Trustee of the Sea of Faith Network and Humanist Representative on Leicester Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education. He is a Life Member of the National Secular Society. He was invited to become a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in 2010, and is currently Chaplain to the Lord Mayor of Leicester! He came to talk to the children about Humanism.

The Iliad - Performance (Rehearsals)

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