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Welcome to Medway Community Primary School


Welcome to our new website, launched November 2016. Medway has recently de federated from Sparkenhoe and now stands once again in its own right with Mr Williams as the Headteacher.


We are a mixed-gender local authority primary school catering for children aged 3-11.  We have recently expanded our previous 2 form entry school and now cater for 3 classes in Years 2, 4 and 6.  Our school is located within the 'Highfields' community of Leicester. Pupils come from a wide variety of religious and cultural backgrounds which we value and celebrate throughout the year and through our curriculum. We are all an equal part of the Medway Primary School Community and we believe that experiencing and embracing the diversity of our school community is culturally enriching for our students.


"Together we will succeed” is our school vision.  This means that we work together to make sure our pupils succeed to the highest standards across the curriculum, develop a positive attitude to learning and behave well.  We give our pupils the values, knowledge and skills that they will need to be successful in their education and to contribute constructively within society.  This is achieved through partnerships involving pupils, parents, teachers, support staff and the wider community.


Our website outlines the range of activities accessible within our busy school and provides regularly updated information for both parents and pupils.  We hope that you enjoy your visit and find all the information you are looking for.

Thank you for visiting!

Update from Mr Williams


A successful term so far has seen us hosting John Bercow, Mr.Speaker, Ted Bootle, a war veteran, and Geronimo Little-only at Medway!  We've also seen the front page of Mercury writing a piece on Mathew Bolton, the Nobel prize winner for Peace.  Several of our teachers remember Mathew

and have said how much he'd enjoy our Freedom curriculum.  Take time to delve around our website.  We've dramatic pictures of school events, interesting curriculum information and our Headteacher's blog.  I'd like to take all credit for the interesting ideas I write but it's a result of speaking to Governors, parents, staff and other headteachers that provoke my thinking.  I'm grateful to all of them.


I've been reading a good deal of Emily Dickinson's poetry recently, her work is deceptively simple.  Her, "The brain is wider than the sky", is a truism that is astonishing but so little thought of.  It is what makes learning such a challenging aspect of humanity to quantify, and the questions why are we learning and what are we learning such under developed conversations.  I was lucky enough to catch up with a headteacher colleague who asks those questions and we are developing work around six questions of learning:


What were the children doing? (evidence and assessment)

How worthwhile was it? (evaluation)

What will they do next? (planning)

What was I doing? (Self-assessment)

What was I learning? (professional development)

What will I do next? (curriculum development)


I think there is another element which is


What are the children actually doing

What were the children actually learning?


I look forward to writing, either in my blog or on this platform our successes or otherwise in our new adventure into developing Great Minds.

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Clubs are back in session! We look forward to all the extra-curricular fun.