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Medway Community

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June 2017


Another great term has elapsed, I could write about our excellent news from the DfE, about our teachers supporting other schools or our children's sporting and academic achievements.  Instead, I'm going to shine a light on our Children and Family Welfare Team.  They keep children safe and remove barriers getting in the way of children's success. 


During this term alone they've assisted over 14 families, managed 6 requests to Early Help, identified 6 incidents of domestic abuse and managed countless referrals to the team.  I am very proud to work with Nikki, Mrs. Pemberton and Del Alam.  I am often taken with their moral courage in dealing with some unpleasantness and their unfailing optimism in making Medway magnificent.  Whereas there is some darkness in our dealings at Medway these brave people make sure children are safe by bringing this darkness into the light.


Our fun day, as I write, is taking place , and we will be making a donation on the school's behalf to a charity that supports victims of domestic abuse.  I hope it does some good; we hope our young boys grow up to live our values.

We've had 4 8 6 6 4 visitors
Wishing everyone a safe and happy half term!