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Community and Child/Family Welfare Team

Our Deputy Head and Deputy DSL leads the Community team and facilitates weekly meetings with SLT to ensure effective monitoring of safeguarding data, such as referrals, attendance, expulsions and incidents of bullying, complaints and concerns. CPOMS facilitates effective retrieval and analysis of this data and enables rigorous conversations that lead to swift improvement.


We have a full time Mentor and Child and Family Lead supporting work with children and families in need or causing concern. The school has developed an open and safe learning environment in which pupils express their views, seek help and help others. Our Home School Liaison Officer works to support families in a variety of ways dependent on need. She currently coordinates a craft group where vulnerable mothers can form friendships and contribute to school life and in a safe, non threatening environment where their voice is heard.



Community Team

Community Team 1 Mrs Niner - SENCO
Community Team 2 Nik Dean - Learning Mentor and Child Protection
Community Team 3 Mrs Pemberton - Child and Family Welfare
Community Team 4 Mrs Alam - Home and Family Liaison
Community Team 5 Mr Atkinson - Child and Family Welfare
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School is once again in the top10% for progress in England and Wales